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Project Overview


This custom project was built as a cross-platform (mobile and web-based system) for a valve company who services the Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Power, Water, Mining & Minerals as well as the  Food & Beverage industries.

Gas Leak Recording Image


They use the system to record gas leak  information and to view relevant reports such as loss per year.


Engineering & Environmental

Problem & Solution

Client was using a paper based system and then capturing data into a spreadsheet. This became clumsy and very time consuming. We built them their own custom web and mobile application to save time and to provide extra, needed functionalities.

Technology Used

Ruby on Rails, Java Script, mySQL

Project Features

Some special features built into this project include:

Various Calculations

Readings are used to calculate actual and potential gas losses and to determine the urgency of the leakage. Unit conversions as well as other calculations are built into the system.

Visual Graphs

Various graphs representing data over time and percentages can be viewed and exported.

Access Rights

System administrators are configured to have different access rights to the setup and reports, making the application secure and protecting confidential data.

Camera Functionality

The application has the functionality for users to take and upload a photo of the equipment being monitored. Key points can then be highlighted on the photo.