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Project Overview


This web-based system was custom designed and developed for a trucking company.


They use the system to manage deliveries, record information during trips, and view relevant reports for financial and administrative management.



Problem & Solution

Client was spending a lot of time capturing information regarding deliveries, loads, financial inputs and expenditures etc. into a spreadsheet. We built a web based application to save them time and to better manage their data.

Technology Used

Ruby on Rails, Java Script, mySQL

Project Features

Some special features built into this project include:

Various Calculations

Built in calculations to provide reports for overtime hours, distance travelled, driver taxes, company contributions and more.

Organised Data

Records fuel consumption, distance travelled, drive hours, expenditures, income, fleet detail etc.

User Security

The app also allows for secure authentication with different access rights linked to a user.

Uploaded Documents

Documents (for example driver or vehicle license) can be linked to a driver profile or to a specific vehicle.